Buying a home might be easier than you think

CRHDC believes the key to sustainable homeownership is informed and educated consumers, so that you have the information you need to make good decisions as you prepare for purchase, find a home that fits your needs, and make a wise and affordable investment so you can maintain and keep your home.

CRHDC is a HUD approved Housing Counseling agency offering free counseling services and education. Our experienced, bi-lingual staff will help you understand your options. Let CRHDC help you get on your path to homeownership today!


When thinking of buying a home the following questions may come to mind:

  • How do I start planning for homeownership?
  • Can I really afford to buy a house?
  • How will I know if I am being charged reasonable closing fees?
  • What interest rate should I expect to get?
  • What is earnest money?
  • Types of loans available

To learn the answers to these questions and others, sign up for our online* or onsite classes.

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Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling

Do you wonder if you will qualify for a mortgage?  Or how much house you can afford?  Are you confused about the home buying process? 

CRHDC provides free and comprehensive home ownership assessments to help future homeowners determine if they are ready to own a home and get on their path to homeownership.

Our nationally certified housing counselors will help you determine if home ownership meets your lifestyle, help you determine mortgage affordability, review your credit report, and develop an action plan to overcome obstacles and achieve your homeownership goals.

Begin Your Path to Homeownership today!

  • Home Buyer Education Classes are available for no charge* onsite in our Denver or Alamosa office locations or for a fee through eHome America.
  • Appointments with our Housing Counselor - available Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 3:00pm

Home Buyer Education Curriculum:

  1. Are you Ready to Buy a House
  2. Lending
  3. Real Estate
  4. Post Purchase

*Online Classes and E-home America Require a Fee.

Financial Capability

CRHDC’s Financial Capability program enables consumers to gain control of their money and finances.

CRHDC's comprehensive Financial Capability program goes beyond the classroom to help people turn financial knowledge into financial behavior that guides them in making healthy financial decisions. Financial capability combines classroom education and individual coaching and is available to everyone free of charge.

Open Up to a New Financial Future:

  • Learn new financial terminology concepts
  • Understand successful financial practices
  • Learn about investment opportunities and financial compounding
  • Budget planning and control

CRHDC Can Help You:

  • Understand how to read a credit report
  • Prepare to buy a home
  • Invest in your future
  • Consolidate debt

To learn more about financial capability, Watch the video or make an appointment with one of our coaches. Our certified staff will guide you through the credit repair process, provide tips for money management, answer questions, and help you find your path to sustainable finances.

Contact CRHDC today to get on "Your Path to Financial Success"

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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Don’t Accept Foreclosure, We Can Help!

Are you one of the many families affected by the possibility of foreclosure?

CRHDC is a HUD approved Housing Counseling agency offering free foreclosure prevention services. Our experienced, bi-lingual staff will help you understand your options and can negotiate directly with lenders for a resolution that may keep you in your home and may give you a more affordable mortgage payment.

Colorado Foreclosure Process

Typically, a borrower must be three or more months delinquent on payments before entering the foreclosure process. This is the pre-foreclosure time period in which a mortgage company and its legal department will send warnings and possibly "intent to foreclose" letters.

After three months of missed payments, the mortgage company will file a Notice of Election and Demand (NED) with the public trustee from the respective county. This notice is sent to the homeowner, marking the beginning of the official foreclosure process. The NED will contain information about the foreclosing attorney, who represents the mortgage company, as well as the public auction sale date set for the property.

Following the NED, a homeowner will receive notice of a Rule 120 hearing with the district county court. This hearing determines a mortgage company's legal right to initiate the foreclosure process on a delinquent loan. This is also the cure period for the mortgage, during which a homeowner must submit an "intent to cure" notice with the public trustee.

To cure the loan, all sums due must be paid to the public trustee via certified funds no later than noon on the day before the public auction. If no intent to cure or workout is reached before this time, the property will go to sale.

Following the public auction, the homeowner may be evicted from the property. There is no longer an owner-redemption period in the state of Colorado, and the homeowner should prepare to leave the property shortly after the sale.


While counseling is open to those of all income brackets, many of our housing and lending programs require income qualification, to determine if your household fits the guidelines, please refer to the AMI chart.

Adams, Denver,
, Arapahoe
& Broomfield
Fam. Size 50% 80% 115% 120%
1 $41,050 $65,680 $94,415 $92,520
2 $46,900 $75,040 $107,870 $112,560
3 $52,750 $84,400 $121,325 $126,600
4 $58,600 $93,760 $135,470 $141,360
5 $63,300 $101,280 $145,590 $151,920
  6 $68,000 $108,800 $156,400 $163,200
  7 $72,700 $123,840 $167,210 174,480
San Luis Valley
Fam. Size 50% 80% 115% 120%
1 $28,800 $46,050 $66,240 $79,488
  2 $32,900 $52,600 $75,670 $90,804
  3 $37,000 $59,200 $85,100 $102,120
  4 $41,100 $65,750 $94,530 $113,436
  5 $44,400 $71,050 $102,120 $122,544
  6 $47,700 $76,300 $109,710 $131,652
  7 $51,000 $81,550 $117,300 $140,760