COVID-19 has made housing security even more uncertain for Americans. Up to 21% of renters are at risk of eviction and the number of seriously delinquent mortgages hit its highest level in more than five years. In response, housing scams are on the rise across the country.

That's why NeighborWorks® America has partnered with Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation to launch a national public education campaign, Stop Home Scams, designed to alert and empower you to protect your home, access trusted assistance and report illegal activity to the proper authorities in this critical moment.

Home Scams

Scam activity is on the rise for homeowners and renters. The Stop Home Scams campaign is providing the knowledge you need to avoid a scam that could cause you to lose your home.


Home Scams

Knowledge is your best defense against home scams. The Stop Home Scams campaign has 10 tips to help homeowners and renters avoid them.


Home Scams

Take action to protect your home and your community from scammers. Learn your options to report scams to trusted authorities.

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